Double Pipe-Safety Heat Exchanger

Dual pipe heat exchangers in safety format are suitable for deployment wherever circumstances may arise where the contamination of water coolant or the mixing of two media must be avoided. This is the case, for example, with an oil cooler cooled with fluvial water. The dual pipe safety heat exchanger is constructed as a “pipe in pipe” system with dual pipe plates. In the event of a pipe break, it prevents the cross-mixing or contamination of the pipe-side and shell-side media. A possible leak is recognised by a decrease or increase in the pressure of a buffer medium in the control room and is notified by means of an electrical signal transmitted via a pressure switch.

Technical Information

  • Shell tube diameter: DN100, DN125, DN200, DN250 und DN350
  • Tube material: 1.4404, others on request
  • Bundle length: up to 3600 mm
  • Heat capacity: 1 kW up to 1000 kW


  • Immediate leak recognition via pressure change, regardless of installation angle and amount of leak
  • Leak recognition is not dependent on the viscosity of the medium or the environmental temperature (freezing of the external floating switch is possible in a pressure-less system)
  • Internal corrosion is impossible as there are no metallic contacts
  • If the pressure difference is significant, fault-finding is aided by having two switching points
  • Negative recognition: fault identified when pressure is lost in a compartment due to a faulty seal.


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