"It is not enough to know something, you also have to apply that knowledge. It is not enough to want something, you also have to do it."

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Personal advice and individual service enable us to win the trust of our customers. This leads to the development of a long-term partnership.


Our product range is being continually developed and enhanced, responding to changing customer requirements and operating conditions flexibly and quickly with innovative products.


The highest possible quality is the target set for our products and services. The systematic avoidance of faults and errors is given highest priority. The practical application of an exceptional quality standard begins with the selection of our suppliers.


The health and safety of our employees are very important to us. Every employee’s contribution to the company’s success is significant in that all employees take on as much responsibility as their competencies allow. We are ONE company – from management to manufacturing – and we never lose sight of our mutual responsibility to one another.


We are committed to making all of our operating processes, from manufacturing to sales, distribution and customer service, as environmentally friendly as possible. Thanks to our extensive solar facility, manufacturing remains electrically self-sufficient. The electronic processing of all administrative activities enables us to work in an almost paperless environment.


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Quality assurance

Customer account management, along with the production of our products, is carried out exclusively by qualified ... more