HS-Cooler GmbH Wittenburg is the partner you need when it comes for high-performance heat exchangers.

We are a one-stop solution for development, design, construction and production. As an established medium-sized company, HS-Cooler GmbH Wittenburg has been developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality, innovative, high-performance heat exchangers for industrial and maritime usage for more than 25 years.

The products have been approved by all respected certification organisations. HS-Cooler GmbH Wittenburg has a certified quality assurance system and has been granted PED 2014/68/EU approval.

Heat exchangers from HS-Cooler GmbH Wittenburg are used in every imaginable setting, fulfilling the cooling requirements of engines and working machines as well as refrigeration engineering. The target market consists of all heat exchange requirements between 1kW and 6000kW.

Particularly important focal areas include:

  • Oil coolers for motors, transmissions, compressors, turbines, hydraulic facilities, etc. (industry and maritime)
  • Air and gas coolers for compressor systems
  • Desuperheaters and superheaters for compressors in refrigeration facilities
  • Coolant condensers
  • Coolant vaporisers
  • Subcoolers (economisers)
  • Preheaters for heavy oil with thermal oil, steam and hot water

The continuous enhancement of the product series in line with the latest findings and developments, along with a well thought-out systematic approach, mean we can offer our customers high quality products with a great deal of transparency.


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