Heat Exchanger: Oil-, Air- and Gas Coolers - KS Series

The KS Series has been specially developed as a standardised heat exchanger series for oil, air, gas and coolant cooling. Combinations of materials and components allow the heat exchangers to be adapted to a variety of operational conditions. The very compact form factor facilitates optimal integration of the heat exchangers in the design of a facility. The structural layout is put together individually for each application according to the technical parameters provided by the customer. For applications with problematic water quality, the heat exchangers can be equipped water-side with a burn-in coating incorporating enhanced corrosion and encrustation protection or with titanium pipe bundles.

Technical Information

  • Shell tube diameter: DN100, DN125, DN200 and DN250
  • Tube material: CuNi10Fe1Mn, 1.4404, Titan
  • Bundle length: up to 3600 mm
  • Heat capacity: 1 kW up to 1500 kW

The basic principle of the KS Series heat exchangers is defined by the so-called “finned tube” surfaces. These consist of pipe bundles with straight pipes, fitted on the outside with blades (fins) of aluminium or copper. The high surface ratios allow media with very different heat exchanging characteristics to be incorporated in a heat exchanger in an extremely efficient and compact way. The high level of standardisation and the compact form factor make for a product that is both commercially and technically very attractive. Design and production are in accordance with the PED 2014/68/EU specifications. The design has been approved by all respected certification organisations.

Dual Heat Exchanger

Where required, we can also deliver the KS Series heat exchangers as dual heat exchangers with various switching armatures so that the system remains functional during servicing and cleaning, thereby enabling uninterrupted operation.

Advantages of the KS Series

  • compact form factor - light weight
  • low pressure loss - robust construction
  • very low sensitivity to vibration
  • double O-ring sealing - no mixing of media from faulty seals
  • removable pipe bundles on both sides - low service and maintenance requirements
  • very good price-performance ratio


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