Preheaters – HS Series

The standardised HS Series of heat exchangers was especially developed for the heating of oil and water. The configuration makes use of the u-tube principle with free thermal expansion of the pipe bundle in dual-flow and quad-flow variants. The field of application includes both maritime and industrial settings to heat heavy oil, diesel oil, water, glycol and other liquids using water vapour, thermal oil and hot water.

Technical Information

  • Shell tube diameter: DN125, DN200, DN250 and DN300
  • Bundle length: up to 2300 mm
  • Usable heat exchanging surface: 0,5 m² up to 50 m²
  • Temperature range: 16bar/200°C or 13bar/280°C or 23bar/180°C. Other combinations are available, depending on the requirements

Approval by all the leading certification organisations may be arranged. Jacket and connecting chamber are manufactured from steel. Stainless steel is used for the inner pipes, which are welded together with the pipe plate. In order to avoid the problem of corrosion which arises from the use of steel pipes for the heat exchanging surface, stainless steel is consistently used in this area throughout the HS Series. The slight increase in price which results is compensated by a significantly longer service life. For special cases, alternative pipe materials in the form of CuNi90/10 and titanium are available.

The construction is extraordinarily robust and resistant under the most demanding conditions. The HS Series is not sensitive to vibrations and pressure variations. The standardised design and intelligent selection of components combine to produce a series of heat exchangers which completely fulfil the commercial and technical requirements of our customers.

Upon customer request, special solutions varying from the series standard are possible, even to the point of 1-to-1 replacement of devices in old facilities.


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